The Introduction

If you were wondering why you should choose us over the competition...

We're the resources used by the big dogs except we get scoping, proposals and QA done faster with no clunk.

Like everyone else, we follow the industry standards with regards to testing methodologies, confidentiality policies, scoping etc. and can deliver quality testing with a professional and detailed report.

Unlike everyone else, we take a no BS approach and don't sell you stuff just because. We actually care about security and we genuinely want you to have testing that makes sense. We also don't have cumbersome departmental lags; the person who scopes the work is the person who delivers the test and who writes the report. QA takes one day, not to 2 weeks, and we're always more than happy to have a chat about anything you're curious about.

The Details

Our skills are broad and deep

The following are some ideas to inspire you but not an exhaustive list

Web Application Testing

Mobile App Testing

Infrastructure Testing

Secure Architecture Review

Blockchain Assessment

Configuration and Build Review

The Directors

Adam Badaoui

9 years in pentesting, a senior manager at Deloitte and a blockchain expert. Not only is Adam an intelligent guy and a great techie but he also knows how to make sure clients get what they've paid for.

Jack Brear

8 years in pentesting, managing security consultant at NCC and an accomplished developer, Jack knows his stuff. Jack has also designed and reviewed network architectures in the cryptocurrency & fintech sectors.